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Sunday Worship - Postponed

We would love to have you!

Our worship service typically includes:


Opening Song

Opening Prayer
Baptisms (as scheduled)
Worship through Singing
Scripture Reading
Acts of Response — may include:

Special Music
Personal Testimonies
Holy Communion
Worship through Giving of Tithes and Offerings

Benediction (Blessing)
Sending Song


Following the Sending Song, a time of personal prayer ministry is available with our pastor or others at the front of the sanctuary.

What To Expect

Our primary Loving activity is our weekly worship gathering. The goal of our weekly worship gathering is to create an environment where those worshipping can come into the presence of and encounter the living, Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


We begin gathering for worship between 9:00am-9:30am on Sunday mornings. Worship begins at 9:30am and normally ends around 10:45am. Some Sundays we go a little longer. Other Sundays a little shorter. 


Our worship service combines elements from historical Christian worship with a modern worship style.  Our dress is casual yet respectful of our God. 


After the service all are welcome to gather for a time of fellowship on the patio, to enjoy coffee, drinks, and connect with each other.

Children In Worship

Worship is a time for the whole Church family to gather together, including children.  Children of all ages are always welcome in our worship services. 


So, "What does a Sunday look like for my children? What is offered for them?"


A nursery is provided for parents who would like us to care for their infants and preschoolers during the worship service.


On any given Sunday, children are welcome to join the congregation for service beginning at 9:30. During this time, the children will be able to participate in worship and listen together with the larger congregation. Part of the worship service will include a children's story, where the children are invited up to the steps of our stage to engage in a short story or lesson specifically created for them. While joining the rest of the congregation for the continuation of the service, children are invited to interact with others during our fellowship time immediately following service, where refreshments are always available! 


Check out the Children's Minstry page for

Sunday School info and upcoming events.